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11/17/2015 10:40 AM grooming • 0 Comments


You never guess what question comes across my desk on regular basis, if you guess that it has something to do with thinning or losing hair, you are correct.


I always tell people hey if I had the answer guess what? I would be out conquering the rest of the world. In all seriousness though, there is one company who kicks some serious ass in this category DS laboratories.


I love their products and have been preaching about them for years and through out this time, they just keep making everything better.


DS labs, has created what is called Nanoxidil, a powerful alternative to commercial grade minoxidil. I can honestly say that the stuff works, how come? Two of the main components are the Procyanidin which helps with cell optimization and the Copper peptides which assist in countering inflammation, one of the issues men complain about when using products containing minoxidill.


Look I don’t want to get all-scientific on you; after all it’s about our hair not landing on Mars. Spectral DNC works, I have seen it to wonders for people who have been in different stages of thinning and balding hair. Years ago when I had my other company the Grooming Lounge, I was a big proponent of DS Laboratories, years later I am blown away as to how good they have become in this category, they just keep getting better and better.


Most important thing to take away, this solution takes a more global approach to thinning and falling hair. Meaning the other products when and if they work, do so and focus on the crown area, that is why in the advertisements you always see a picture of the back of the head focusing on the top of the crown. Open up the back of any airline magazine or men’s lifestyle publication and you will see what I am describing. With Spectral DNC you treat and maintain both the crown as well as a focus on the frontal hairline.