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8/19/2014 9:32 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Moisturize Your Face

Moisturizers usually come in two forms. They are either humectants or emollients. Humectants—like glycerin—draw water into the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. Emollients are water-based moisturizers, which leave the face feeling more oily.




  • Facial moisturizers and body lotions are two different things.


  • The skin on your body is drier so body lotions are formulated with heavier ingredients, which will clog the pores on your face.


  • The skin on your face is more sensitive and requires lighter formulations.


  • Moisturizers retain the water in your skin and prevent the natural oils from escaping.


  • Moisturizers protect your face from harmful elements that cause dryness and irritation.




By using a moisturizer your skin will look supple, hydrated and handsome. Use Heart Breaker (Designed For a Man's Face), as it contains Oak protein, Green Tea extract, and Grape Seed Oil, which soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.