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12/30/2014 12:34 PM grooming • 0 Comments

8 Things to Avoid on New Years Eve

1. Times Square (or any other vortex of chaos)


Crowded subways, standing for hours in freezing temperatures, and forcing a smile through unnecessary stress. What happens when you have to pee?




2. Wasted before midnight


Did you just take five shots in 20 minutes? Yeah, you won’t make it to midnight without a babysitter. Hopefully you came to the party with someone who already loves you.





3. Drinking and driving


Just don’t do it. Opt for a cab company, public transportation, or designate a responsible driver and offer to buy them dinner for their generosity.



4. Farty foods


Squeezing your butt cheeks again? You know what foods give you gas by now, and if you don’t, just avoid the common flatulence producing options (i.e. beans, broccoli, grains). Also, avoid eating a large meal for less digestion pressure. 




5. Chapped lips


This is the difference between “eww” and “ooh.” Apply a natural chapstick, or even a little sesame or jojoba oil to keep ‘em slippery.



6. Going in for the kiss too soon


Keep your cool and save the kiss for midnight. It’s way more romantic this way.



7. STDs


So your midnight kiss is now leading you around the bases. Be a gentleman and use protection.




8. Falling asleep before midnight


It’s the one night of the year when you’re expected to let loose with friends and family, drink champagne, stay up late, and overall, celebrate life! Do it right and stay awake until that ball drops. It’s all about the afternoon nap!