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8/19/2014 9:41 AM grooming • 0 Comments

7 Blow-Drying Tips For Men


  • Blow-drying will pump up the volume of your hair.


  • Use hairdryers with care. Too frequent of use can irreversibly damage your hair. If you aren’t sure about the technique, here’s how to use a hairdryer.


  • If you’re going to use a hairdryer, make sure you use a nozzle. This will help control where the air is distributed.


  • If you’re using a styling product, such as a gel or mousse, use half the desired amount on wet hair and work it through. When you’re ready to blow-dry, the heat will lock in the style.


  • When using a product that’s pliable, dry your hair completely before using the product on your hair. This’ll help you achieve the desired look.


  • Make sure your hair is dried and styled before using any aerosol hairspray, so you can lock in the look.


  • Use the medium heat setting on your hairdryer and don’t expose too much heat to your scalp. This is especially important around your forehead and where your hairline begins. Too much heat can cause split ends, damaged hair, and this can ultimately affect your hairline.




There’s a misconception that blow-drying causes balding. Frequent use of a hairdryer tends to damage hair if you aren’t using the right hair products or aren’t getting your hair cut regularly. Blow-dry in moderation, not every day.