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8/19/2014 7:01 AM grooming • 0 Comments

7 Basic Shaving Techniques

  • When applying your shaving solution, make sure to move it around in a circular motion.


  • When placing the razor on your face, use your free hand to stretch the skin.


  • Next, maneuver your razor handle to a 90-degree angle.


  • When taking a pass, stretch your skin while shaving with the grain at a 90-degree angle.


  • Make sure to take short strokes and rinse your blade often under warm water.


  • Work your cheeks first and then move to your neck, followed by your mustache and chin.


  • When it comes to your neck, if you feel any dry skin, don’t keep taking passes. This’ll set you up for bad shaves in the future.




The most common shaving mistake people make is rushing. Take your time and use your free hand as a guide throughout the shave.