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8/19/2014 6:57 AM grooming • 0 Comments

6 Steps To Prepare For A Morning Shave

  • Feel your beard prior to shaving. Take the time to observe it. Is your skin sensitive or dehydrated? Have you been in the sun a lot? All of these factors contribute to the result of your shave.


  • As you become acquainted with your beard and the way it grows, wash your face and focus on the areas that seem especially sensitive.


  • Like any good pilot, study your flight plan and come up with a plan each time. This’ll also encourage you to come up with some creative looks.


  • Like a good chef, prepare your tools and don’t rush. Take your time and make sure that all of the tools are in place.





Preparation is the key to success pretty much in any skill. Whether you’re cooking dinner or flying a plane, before you begin, you always be prepare with the right tools. The same goes for shaving.