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8/19/2014 12:47 PM grooming • 0 Comments

5 Nutrition Basics for a Healthy Man

Suffering from dull, flaky or slow growing hair? Acne? Slow sex drive? These issues are very likely the result of a poor or unbalanced diet. Remember, you are what you eat, literally. If you want to beat these external, embarrassing issues, then you have to cure from within. No other way about it.


1. Eat whole food meals


Whole food means it didn't have to be unwrapped or taken out of the box. Prepare at least two meals a day yourself. And when you eat out, be conscious of the way the food was prepared to steer clear of hidden sugar, fats and carbs.


2. Cut back on sugars


Especially if you aren’t feeling 100%, mind or body, aches or pains, avoid them. Sugars make it hard for the body to reduce inflammation and illness. Sugars include soda, juice, white flour, white rice. If you’re going to eat carbs, go complex and make sure they have the bran intact; whole grain wheat, brown or wild rice, amaranth, quinoa.


3. Try to avoid adding salt to your diet


You’re probably getting enough. You need a certain balance of sodium and water in your body at all times to work properly. Too much salt or too much water in your system will upset the balance. When you’re healthy, your kidneys get rid of extra sodium to keep the correct balance. Include dark leafy green vegetables into your food repertoire, as they are full of antioxidants that’ll escort toxins out of your body.


4. Keep your animal protein as lean as possible


The scrawnier the creature, the leaner the meat. Eat good fats instead of fats that make triglycerides. So, avoid foods fried in oils, but eat avocado. Supplement with a good whole food daily vitamin, fish oil, vitamin D, and a B complex.


5. Eat often


Eating 3-5 times a day will keep your blood sugar level stable, and avoid energy crashes and mood swings caused by blood sugar spikes and dips. Your first meal should happen within the first hour of being awake. Breakfast is so important, your mom is right. This will set the body and mind up to start burning fuel.