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8/19/2014 12:21 PM grooming • 0 Comments

5 Numbers You Should Always Have In Your Phone

Let’s role play for a minute. Not that kind. Imagine the government has tapped into our phones and only allows us to keep five numbers in our directory. These are the most sacred numbers to us. The five that we absolutely could not live without:


1. Sex

I am not going to define this one for you. Whoever you are getting it from when the getting is good. Keep that number locked in. When the sex is good, everything is good.


2. Amex

In case you lose a bet. In case you need to jump a plane on the fly. For all of the “in case” moments in life its good to know this piece of plastic can get you out of a tight spot.


3. Lawyer

Because you never know. Its good to know someone has your back.


4. Mother

Likely the person that knows you best on this planet. She was at one time the person you trusted your life with. Chances are you still can. Keep moms number close. Also, if you’re a real man, you’re checking in with your mom on the reg.


5. Takeout

We keep the number for Rocking Horse Café close by for those evening Coconut Flan cravings. That can really turn a hard day around.