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8/19/2014 6:11 AM grooming • 0 Comments

4 Post Head Shave Practices

  •  The proper post head shave practice is guaranteed to give you a better shave the each time you shave your head again.


  • Rinse your scalp with cold water to close your pores.


  • Make sure to rinse off any leftover product.


  • Apply an aftershave to help heal your head. Shaving is an act of exfoliation, so you have to take some time to let your skin heal. I recommend PRZMAN’s Happy Ending After Shave Mist.


  • Most importantly, use an oil-free SPF on your scalp to protect your head from the sun’s harmful rays.




The most important part of shaving your head is the preparation. In the same way you took time to prepare yourself for a shave, you should put the same effort into prepping for a head shave so you prevent irritation later.