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8/19/2014 10:57 AM grooming • 0 Comments

3 Ways to Have Stronger Male Orgasms Using Your P-Spot

More and more people are learning about the G-spot; an amazing area in the vagina that can yield stronger sensation and even squirting orgasms. While the P-spot, or prostate, is an anatomically unique structure from the G-spot, it offers those without vaginas similarly exquisite sensations and deeper orgasms. Here are three big tips for diving into prostate play:


1. Go deep.

Contrary to some myths, you can’t stimulate the prostate externally. That’s right, you get to enjoy some luscious anal stimulation on the way to your P-spot. The prostate is usually located about a long finger length inside, on the anal wall facing your belly button.  


2. Keep it slick.

As I will someday be famous for saying, when it comes to butt play, too much lube is almost enough. Grab a bottle of high-quality lube designed to last, such as silicone or gel lubes. Keep your anus well lubricated inside and out, as well as your finger or sex toy (but remember not to mix silicone lubes with silicone toys). Wearing a latex or nitrile glove will help your lube last even longer.


3. Go for the reach.

It can be tough to reach far enough inside your own anus to do a good job finding your prostate, so bring a friend or try a toy. Once you’re very aroused, your prostate may like to be pressed or rubbed gently (with lots of lube) through the wall between your finger and the prostate. Many people like to stroke their penises while their P-spot is being stimulated, leading to a deeper, more explosive orgasm.