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2/17/2015 2:52 PM grooming • 0 Comments

10 Ways to Luxe Up Your Man Cave

You don’t need a major budget or an interior designer to make your pad a place you’re excited to come home to and show off. Follow these tips to add style and sophistication to your space.


1. Use natural elements for a rustic feel


Leather is a bachelor pad staple, but the key to doing it right is opting for rich colors and saying no to cheap synthetics. Faux fur and sheepskin both bring warmth and sophistication to any room. Skulls, bones, tusks, and other animal parts make perfect accents.


2. Put up mirrors to add depth


Mirrors make a room feel larger. They also reflect natural light, which makes your space brighter and fresher. Get creative with the way you display them, hand them horizontally on a bare wall, or over your bed. Choose mirrors, which come in interesting frames, group a bunch of them together to create an interesting focal piece, or go full-length to make a room taller.


3. Incorporate metallics for a sleek, industrial vibe


Metallics with a warmer hue provide a richness and classic elegance to a space. Of these shades, brass is having a real moment. It’s more subdued and less opulent than gold, but it has the sheen and sophistication copper lacks. Ultimately a combination of any of the three will look stellar. So go and get your Gatsby on.


4. Use art as a chance to express your individual style


Art is a great investment that you can actually appreciate each day, unlike those Apple stocks. Collect pieces that mean something to you, whether they’re straight from Christies or a sidewalk in Brooklyn. Choose something that you can speak upon for a great guest conversation starter.


5. Bring in floor and table lamps to add diverse lighting


Don’t fall back on fluorescents, friend. No one looks good in bad lighting. Plus, lamps are sculptural pieces in their own right that can tie a room together. If you’re feeling ambitious, install a dimmer! In the end, nothing says ‘I’m an adult who cares’ like a badass lamp.


6. Get a sofa, not a couch


Yes, there’s a difference between the two. A couch is something you find on the sidewalk or get from a guy named Pedro on Craigslist. A couch is something you carelessly spill cheap beer and pizza grease on. A sofa is a real piece of furniture – the anchor and focal point of your living room. A sofa costs more than $300.00. Save up, get one.


7. Pillows will make that new sofa comfy as hell


And there are a lot of really cool ones out there. Pillows easily bring lots of colors, textures and patterns (design essentials you should always keep in mind) into your space. Toss a bunch of them on your bed as well. Get an ottoman while you’re at it. You only live once.


8. Bring in some plants


Plants brighten up a room and make it feel like a real home. There are also a lot of really dope succulents and cacti out there, which are badass and pretty low maintenance. Stop in a plant shop or nursery and they can assist in determining what plants work best for you and your space.


9. Throw down a rug to add character and interest


Rugs quite literally tie a space together – they can make a bunch of floating pieces of furniture feel cohesive. They’re also cozy, and are great for creating a division of space within a room that serves multiples purposes (living/dining room, studio apartment, or loft). Cowhide, shag, over dyed oriental or sheepskin flokati, the options are vast.

10. Always keep your favorite products in the bathroom and shower

Be excited to wake up and jump in the shower. You’ll feel like you have it all. I’m never out of the house in the morning without applying Man-A-Morphosis body lotion, especially in the dry, winter months.