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4/13/2015 4:20 PM grooming • 0 Comments

10 Spring Tips for Grooming and Beyond

It’s hard to believe, but spring is finally here. It’s that little sliver of heaven sandwiched between the brutal cold of winter and the unrelenting swamp ass of summer.
Make the most of these perfectly temperate days while they’re still here with these 10 grooming tips for spring:
1. Get a haircut: Spring is all about lightness and freshness. Shear away your locks and the memories of too many cold winter days for a new lease on life.
2. Revamp your exercise routine: Speaking of being light, it’s time to loose that extra layer of fat you put for insulation over the past few months. With Memorial Day barely a month away, you’d better start getting ready for beach season.
3. Reorganize your closet: Put that winter coat and all your thermals in the back of the closet and bring out your spring wardrobe from storage. Take this time to go through each item in your closet, donating or tossing anything outdated, ill-fitting or that you haven’t worn in a year.
4. Start a new skincare routine: Refresh and rejuvenate your skin after months of exposure to the elements with a facial and weekly exfoliating. While you no longer have to worry about dry, cracked skin, proper protection from the sun is now your top priority. Your mom was right – don’t forget the SPF.
5. Shave your beard: Along with your flannels and Red Wings, you can also say say goodbye to your lumbersexual facial hair. It’s time to feel the sun on your shaved face.
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6. Plan your summer vacation: Whether you’re going to Ft. Lauderdale or the South of France, this is the time to get your crew, tickets, hotel and budget in line.


7. Get some work done on your feet: No one should be seeing you in flip flops out of the locker room, but that doesn’t mean your dogs don’t need some love too. Don’t put this off to the summer – pedicures should be a regular part of any balanced grooming regimen.
8. Refresh your sock and underwear reserve: Mom was right again; when is she not? You can never have enough socks and underwear. While you're purging your closet, don’t forget about those holy pairs of boxers old enough to vote.
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9. Update your gym wardrobe: Maybe now that it’s above freezing you’ll finally make it to the gym. Before you hit the treadmill, think about picking some new exercise gear. A new pair of shoes – that don’t smell like a fish tank, maybe. Some new running shorts that hit above the knee might be nice as well.   
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10. De-clutter your home: Spring cleaning is a tradition for a reason. While nature is in a state of rebirth, take the time to deep clean your home, pick up some new furniture and start some of those DIY projects you’ve been putting off for months.