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The Man Behind MANHOODTV

Pirooz Sarshar, Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

No one believes more in the power of applicable education and freedom of male expression than Head Coach Pirooz Sarshar, Founder of and PRZMAN.
With 20+ years of experience, Sarshar has been shaping the men’s grooming industry since 1999. An expert barber and stylist, Sarshar has served as the grooming authority for countless publications like GQ, Complex and Men’s Health.

Sarshar is best known for the creation of the first barber-spa, The Grooming Lounge, and the development and sale of its associated product line. Further, he pioneered the first-ever online store designed for premium men’s grooming products.

about manhood tv Your Daily Boost Of Man Power

Created for all MANkind, is an interactive resource designed to teach men better grooming and lifestyle practices.
We are unbiased, unfiltered and to the point. We provide you with step-by-step processes and tools proven to enhance your everyday life.
And you don’t need a Rolex or a six-pack to play.

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The Institute of Manhood Services

Pirooz Sarshar built MANHOODTV and product line PRZMAN for one reason only… to help his fellow man.

This is why Sarshar still makes time to see his clients one-on-one.

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